Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the official website of the Kaliningrad Regional Institute of Education Development (KRIED).

KRIED is the whole universe that unites not only educators of the Kaliningrad region, but also professional communities from Russian regions and other countries. The Institute provides ample opportunities for building and maintaining professional connections.

We do hope that our website will serve you as a reliable guide in this universe of opportunities.

While striving to preserve the decades of traditions the Institute focuses on development of modern education trends, thus providing a solid basis for building up human capital of the region.

The Institute is located in one of the most beautiful buildings remained from the XIX century. Here, on the Baltic seashore of the westernmost part of Russia we set new pedagogic trends and run numerous projects aimed at education development. KRIED will not only help you to immerse into the professional world of pedagogy but it will also introduce you to the unique region with its rich history.

Welcome to our homepage!

Mailing address: 19 Tomskaya street, Kaliningrad, 236016 Russia
phone: +7 4012 578 301